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Sephardic World brings world-class speakers to a global audience for free. Our first meeting was on 3 May 2020, during the pandemic. Below are links to recordings of Sephardic World meetings.

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The Sephardic World lecture library

2020 Meetings

The Amsterdam Archives - Ton Tielen

The 1680 Madrid auto-da-fe - David Mendoza

The first Jewish citizen of New York - Daniela Weil

Jewish Genealogy in Morocco - Jacob Marrache Fischel

Jewish marriage in Livorno - Alain Nedjar

Family Nunes Vaz, a Journey of Western Sephardic genealogy - Jarrett Ross

Suriname: Jewish Autonomy in a Slave Society - Aviva Ben-Ur

Sephardic DNA project - Adam Brown

Highlights from the Ets Haim collection - Heide Warncke

Muestro Yerusha: Jewish heritage and Identity in the Ottoman Empire - Michael Waas

Rabbis with Inky Fingers - Making 18th Century Hebrew Books - Noam Sienna

The Jews of Eighteenth Century Jamaica - Stanley Mirvis

Art of the Jewish Family - Laura Arnold Leibman, Good for the Sephardim? - Randy Schoenberg

The Amsterdam Notarial Archives - Harmen Snel

The Sephardic Poor of Amsterdam and London - Ton Tielen

The Jews of Italy - Luca Ascoli

Libyan Jews in the Maelstrom of Modern History - Sephardic Horizons

Syrian Jews from Aleppo to Brooklyn - Sarina Roffe

Menasseh ben Israel vs The Rabbi's - Steven Nadler

From Glory to Dispersion - the Sephardic Lisbona family from Damascus - David Lisbona

The De Sola Mendes Family and the Portuguese Inquisition - Florbela Veiga Frade

"My Heart is in the East..." Financial support for Eretz Israel from the farthest West - Ton Tielen

From Portugal to Jamaica - The Delgado Story - Steve Delgado Porter

Who owns the cemetery? Shearith Israel, New York - Zachary Edinger

Sir Moses Montefiore - Abigail Green

2021 Meetings

David Baruch Louzada 1640-1699 - Julian Land

The Dutch Pimentel Family - History and Holocaust - Esther Shaya, Henk Dijkman and Fokko Weerstra

Sephardic Jews in Diplomatic and Consular Archives - Thierry Samama

Genetic Census of the Sephardim - Adam Brown

A Journey through Curacao's Jewish History - Ron Gomes Casseres

Jews in the Maghreb - Their Surnames and their Roots - Alexander Beider

Jewish Archives in the Ottoman Empire - Michael Waas

Alliance Israelite Universelle - Jean-Claude Kuperminc

Sephardim in the Atlantic World - Jessica Roitman

Amsterdam - Bookstore of the World - Emile Schrijver

The Farhi of the Levant - Alain Farhi

Data Mining the Deceased - Julia Creet

Sephardic Research, Past, Present and Future - Schelly Talalay Dardashti

DNA evidence of Jews in Portugal - Inês Pires Nogueiro

Vindos de Portugal - Carla Vieira

Spanish archives pre-1750 - Daniel Smith-Ramos

Genealogy of the Jews of Egypt - David Mendoza

Chasing Shadows - Bringing the Gomes da Costa family to life - Ali Erginsoy

Gibraltarian Jews in the 18th and 19th Centuries - Joshua Marrache

The Italiaender family (alias Levi Vitoria) of Amsterdam: Between Sephardi and Ashkenazi, with links to London and Copenhagen - Marius Heemstra

The Jews of Jamaica, an interview with Ainsley Cohen Henriques

The Need for a Sephardic Genealogical Society - David Mendoza and Ton Tielen

Balkan Sephardim in Early Modern Amsterdam - Tirtsah Levie Bernfeld

Trade and the Sephardic Diaspora - A Reappraisal - Daniel Strum

De Megorachim à Dhimmis aux citoyens français (From Megorashim to Dhimmis to French Citizens) - Sylviane Serruya

Esther the Queen and the Brothers Buzaglo - Ali Erginsoy

The Jews of Rhodes: Between Ottomans and Italians - Valerie McGuire

The Nação Portuguesa in Antwerp - Florbela Veiga Frade

Amsterdam Research: Ets Haim School, Library, and Charity - Ton Tielen

A Moroccan Jewish Genealogical Journey - Raquel Levy-Toledano

Sephardic Diplomatic Power - Hans Wallage

From Cobblers to Cosmopolitans: The Baruch Lousada Story - Julian Land

The Peculiar Case of Luis Méndez Chávez and the Cartagena Inquisition - Brian Hamm

The Jews of Egypt - Yves Fedida

Ashkenazim with Sephardic Ancestry? David Mendoza and Ton Tielen

15 resources every Sephardic genealogist should know - Ton Tielen and David Mendoza

To hear Judith Cohen's talk, Adeus Vila de Belmonte: Music in the lives of crypto-Jews in Portugal, please contact her directly. Round-table meetings are not shared. Unfortunately recordings of two meetings are lost. These are: Dotar - The Sephardic Marriage Market and The Nunes Carvalho Family, from Portugal to the Wild West.

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